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Advanced DJI GO flight logs analytics

We collect in yor account all previous and future flight data using DJI GO app included telemetry and battery information.
Advanced DJI GO flight logs analytics

Your drone is safe with us

Your drone is safe with us

Notifications about possible drone problems before they occur

Our Big Data algorithms notice you about potential drone and battery problems in advance.
Beta in fall of 2018.

Two steps for total flights control


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Drones record logs themselves
into DJI GO app.


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All information is stored on DJI servers, and we request data and process it on the fly. We do not store your passwords, but we keep only a special key in an encrypted form, by which you get all the information about your flights in the past and the future without additional actions on your part.
Data is not transferred to third parties under any circumstances
and is inaccessible to anyone except the pilot and the site administration in the viewing mode.